M200654.0101Ashton Bell

Ashton is a 6’5” 27 year old actor/musician/singer-songwriter with a Baritone Voice.




julian-cannonierJulian Cannonier

Julian is 6’1” and in his late 30’s.  He is a wonderful West End Musical theatre artist with excellent credits.  He has a Baritone voice. Sings Blues, Rock, Pop & Jazz.  He is a trained dancer with excellent Tap, jazz, and roller blading.  Julian is also a vocalist with the band Emperor of Souls and can often be found on the high  seas entertaining guests on some of the most illustrious cruise lines.


Natasha is 5’6” and in her mid 20’s.  She has an Alto/Mezzo range and is a good all round dancer.  Natasha also plays drums.





21 years old and 5’1”.  Katy is a bundle of triple threat talent.  She has a huge Mezzo Soprano voice with excellent dance skills including Jazz and tap.  She graduated this year from the American Musical Theatre Academy and is perfect for those quirky, funny musical theatre characters.



Emma is 5’ 4” and in her mid 20’s.  She is a superb actress/singer/musician with a fabulous West End standard Soprano Voice.  She also plays piano and sight reads.



andrew-mchaleAndrew McHale 

6’2” in his late 30’s and in incredible shape.  Andrew is a wonderful actor/dancer.  He is classically trained in Ballet, jazz & contemporary.  He also has a Baritone voice.


alan-mooney Alan Mooney

Alan is a 6’1” Irish actor/singer/musician in his 40’s.  He has a superb tenor voice and plays guitar, percussion and drums.





Seth is 5’ 8” and in his late 40’s.  He is something of a local Brighton celebrity and well known for his Busking.  A classically trained actor with lyric tenor voice and excellent falsetto.  Seth plays guitar/bass guitar/electric guitar/double bass/drums & percussion.



6’5” and 24 David has just graduated from the MTA here in London.  He is a superb Irish triple threat.  He plays piano, dances well and has a fabulous classical Baritone voice (E2 to A4).  David has been cast in a tribute band to Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons which will tour next year and he will be seen  playing Aladdin this year in panto.



philip-rhodesPhilip Rhodes

In his 40’s and 5’11 Philip is a unique and talented actor and rock/blues musician/singer with his own band Tongue & Groove.  He also plays Harmonica extremely well, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and percussion.




Marcus Palfour

Marcus is Scandinavian, in his early 40’s and 5’11”.  He is an award winning best actor and a trained opera singer with a High Baritone range.  He is also a good dancer and choreographer.



Buster Skeggsbuster-skeggs

Buster is a superb 5’5” 55 plus triple threat artist and leading West End Lady.  She has an Alto/Contralto range with excellent dance.




Jamie Stratford

6’4”, 21 years old and a recent graduate of MTA here in London.  Jamie has a beautiful Bass/Baritone voice and excellent dance.  He is currently touring with Tickled Pink Productions and will follow this with pantomime.