It only seems like yesterday that on March 1st 1983 I opened the doors to the Frances Phillips Agency.  A lot has happened since then and the business has changed beyond recognition however, I am still here and I am still in business!  Something I am very proud of.  To all my clients and to all the casting directors I have dealt with during this time a Big Thank You.  To those of you who stood by me and stayed with the agency after Derek passed away an even Bigger Thank You. So time to celebrate and may the agency with all your help continue to thrive.


A couple of hello’s and a couple of goodbye’s


We are welcoming Grahame Wood back.  Hooray.  He actually hadn’t gone anywhere but is now based in LA where he has been producing television and film.  He has two more films going into production and it is a very exciting time for him as he has written them.  He still continues to act and is looking forward to returning to our screens this side of the pond.

The delightful Katy Gale is an exceptional musical theatre artist with a bubbly and delightful personality, she has a wonderful mezzo soprano voice, excellent dance including jazz and tap.  Perfect for those musical theatre roles which demand the naturally funny, quirky, strong acting/comedy skills.


We are saying goodbye to both Victor Akitunde and Lewis Newman and wish them great success for their future careers.  You know where we are boys.