Well 2021 has finally arrived. The outlook is looking uncertain but here at Frances Phillips we are feeling optimistic. So those of you wishing to apply for representation need to get your submissions in. Don’t forget it is mandatory to have two years professional credits, be 18+, supply your Spotlight View Pin Number, date of birth and mobile number. Obviously we will be meeting remotely for now but I look forward to hearing from you and should you fit into our lists I will be in touch.


Well it has been a strange month. We have a light at the end of the very very long tunnel and over 30 self tapes, umpteen Covid Forms, NDA’s and audio tapes have been submitted and the month is still not over. Thank you to all the casting directors for their requests and thank you to all my wonderful artists, especially those of you had several to do over a couple of days, for getting them back to me in time. Onwards and Upwards to all.


So far this month we have had self tapes for CARL BATCHELOR, EMILIO ANIBA, SETH MORGAN, BONNIE ADAIR and several pencils for Helena Harrison, Stephen Israel and Andrew McHale and we are still waiting for confirmations – Hopefully.

BONNIE ADAIR is currently in Ireland to film an episode of Innocent and EMILIO ANIBA has just finished filming for Live Business a corporate in three different languages, French, English and Spanish!

22nd September News.

So the self tapes keep coming. Since productions have started to pick up lots of artists have had several self tapes and pencils including Andrew Mchale, George Still, Carl Batchelor, Helena Harrison, Joe Chapman, Stephen Israel, Philip Rhodes, Donna Sherifi, Gael Le Cornec, Bonnie Adair, Chloe Wigmore, Anna Acevedo, Edd Muruako, Aidan J. David, Emilio Aniba and today we have had several more. Let’s hope they turn into offers.

Tapiwa Gochera

Our new client Tapiwa Gochera has spent today on location filming a featured role in a commercial for Pizza Express

Chloe Wigmore

Chloe has been narrating a new documentary and pilot for CIC Media

Gael le Cornec

Gael is set to start collaborating on a new treatment with Rebecca Grant and first scene of a new show based on Frida Khalo

Anna Acevedo

Anna has been filming some educational projects over the past month.

We’re Back

Well it has been a strange few months but life is beginning to return to our business.

Bonnie Adair

BONNIE can currently be seen in the new O2 commercial as the Florist and will be flying to Dublin at the beginning of October to film series 2 of Innocent

Welcome and a sad goodbye or two

7f40a29c-99dc-4509-9a4b-399bcd87412eWe are delighted to welcome Carl Batchelor to our lists.  Carl is 30 years old and can play late 20’s to early 30’s.  He has a super personality, is classically trained and has excellent comedic skills.  Carl is originally from Essex and has spent some twelve  years in Australia where he trained at the prestigious NIDA school of Drama.  He holds dual Nationality UK/Australia.

We are also sad to say goodbye and good luck to three of our ladies.  SARAH CROFTS, JADE COLUCCI and VANESSA M OWEN.  We hope you go from strength to strength.