We are seeking a few new artists

Well we have said goodbye to a few clients over the last couple of months and are sad to see them go.  However, that is good news for new clients as our books have opened up slightly and we are currently actively seeking  BAME, to include Asian and mixed Race artists between the ages of 18 – 65 and Caucasian artists between the ages of 18 – 25 and 30-35.  We can be contacted via the contact page.

Enjoying the sun

David Darren Murphy has just reported that his shows have finally gone live for the summer season at The Tui Hotel in Turkey.   He also reports that he is having the time of his life and that his voice and dance have come on leaps and bounds and he cannot believe how much he is learning.  All we can say is ENJOY DAVID

David Darren Murphy


Bon Voyage

Yaron Shavit recently seen as ‘Alon’ in McMafia is off this week to LA with his newly received O1 Visa.  Hope that he will be back shortly for filming in mid May.  Safe journey Yaron and enjoy !

Yaron Shavit


It only seems like yesterday that on March 1st 1983 I opened the doors to the Frances Phillips Agency.  A lot has happened since then and the business has changed beyond recognition however, I am still here and I am still in business!  Something I am very proud of.  To all my clients and to all the casting directors I have dealt with during this time a Big Thank You.  To those of you who stood by me and stayed with the agency after Derek passed away an even Bigger Thank You. So time to celebrate and may the agency with all your help continue to thrive.