22nd September News.

So the self tapes keep coming. Since productions have started to pick up lots of artists have had several self tapes and pencils including Andrew Mchale, George Still, Carl Batchelor, Helena Harrison, Joe Chapman, Stephen Israel, Philip Rhodes, Donna Sherifi, Gael Le Cornec, Bonnie Adair, Chloe Wigmore, Anna Acevedo, Edd Muruako, Aidan J. David, Emilio Aniba and today we have had several more. Let’s hope they turn into offers.

Tapiwa Gochera

Our new client Tapiwa Gochera has spent today on location filming a featured role in a commercial for Pizza Express

Chloe Wigmore

Chloe has been narrating a new documentary and pilot for CIC Media

Gael le Cornec

Gael is set to start collaborating on a new treatment with Rebecca Grant and first scene of a new show based on Frida Khalo

Anna Acevedo

Anna has been filming some educational projects over the past month.

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