edd muruakaEdd Murauko is currently touring with The Home and will be jetting off to Germany to start rehearsals on a new European tour of MANDELA with the fab TNT Theatre Co.

Ali NakeebAli Nakeeb is set to film a corporate next week for Krishna Mistry and the Honest Ideas Company in Cambridge.

BONNIE ADAIR  Bonnie Adair is currently rehearsing Souvenir which will be touring shortly.

andrew mchale Andrew McHale is currently filming a commercial for Crystal Champagne.

Gael le Cornec Gael le Cornec is currently rehearsing Yanina & Elsa for Kensington Caravan Festival.

jamie stratfordJamie has just had his summer season as lead vocalist and performer extended until December.

Then it has been auditions galore.  A self tape for Donna Sherifi for an Albanian speaking role.  Auditions for Ali Nakeeb and Scott Barrington for a corporate and auditions for Vanessa Owen and Helen Oakleigh for pantomime in Maidenhead and the list goes on…..



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